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GT-B3210 Flash & Unlock (Spt Box)




Flash Log :

Detect Phone Connect …
Connect Phone OK.
Transfer Boot Data…
Switching To Loader …
Flash ID: 008988B0 [ Intel_64M ]
Flash ID: 008988B0 [ Intel_64M ]
Please Wait Burn Flash …
Please wait for formatting CSC system …
Please Wait Write Csc …
Update Flash OK!
Total Time: 1008.56 s






Unlock Log :

Please Wait Enter Test Mode …
Enter Test Mode OK!
Read Phone Info …
SW Ver: B3210JPJG1
CSC Ver: B3210OJPJG1
IMEI: 353793030******
Phone Lock Code: 00000000
S/N: RVVZ104191
Reading Sys Security Info …
Repair New IMEI: 356153025******
UnLocking …
Phone Lock Code: 00000000
Exit Test Mode ….
All Jobs Done.
Total Time: 210.70 s


-The End –








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