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GT-B5510 Flash & Unlock (SPT Box)



Flash Log :

Detect Phone Connect …
Connect Phone OK.
Get PIT for Mapping …
Sending Sbl Data …
Sending Boot Data …
Sending System Data …
Sending User Data …
Sending Param Data …
Sending EFS Data …
Sending Phone Data …
Sending Csc Data …
Please Wait Reboot Phone …
Update Flash OK!
Total Time: 78.84 s




Unlock Log:

Please Wait Enter Test Mode …
Enter Test Mode OK!
Model Name: GT-B5510
PDA SW Ver: B5510JPKK2
Phone SW: B5510XXKK2
IMEI: 359219040140314
WIFI ID Number: B0EC719D0FE7
Product ID: BCM21553_Modem_SI1220.2_V2.4
Phone SN: RZ1C129LYA
Repair New IMEI: 358443014******
MCK: 00000000
NCK: 00000000
SCK: 00000000
SPCK: 00000000
CPCK: 00000000
Exit Test Mode ….
All Jobs Done.
Total Time: 20.29 s


-The End –








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