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Hide online status


  • Image quality has always been an issue with WhatsApp. While higher quality images are reduced in quality and size in the old WhatsApp, the new one does not face any such problem. Go ahead, share high quality pictures with your friends!
  • The media sharing default limit is set to 16 MB in WhatsApp+ and can be increased till 50 MB. This new setting is an advantage over the old WhatsApp, whose media uploading limit was only 12 MB.
  • Bored of refreshing your contact list and then clicking on your friend’s contact to see their current status? Well, WhatsApp+ frees you of this extra work by showing your contact’s status right below the chat.
  • The green colour of the WhatsApp icon no longer seems appealing to you? Change the colour of the WhatsApp+ icon from its default blue to red, cyan, pink, gray, orange. And if you miss the original WhatsApp icon, you can change it to green again !  yaabot whatsapp+ screen4 Introducing   WhatsApp Plus!
  • There are innumerable themes which you can download in WhatsApp+ which wasn’t the case with the previous WhatsApp.
  • You can attach your location, send voice messages and send or forward multiple messages.

No image quality reduction when you send files on WhatsApp+

yaabot whatsapp+ screen Introducing   WhatsApp Plus!

  • You can modify the entire look of your chat screen, main screen, conversation screen, header background , contact icons. You can round up the corners of your contact pictures, change the colour of the chats, modify chat headers and rows, contacts headers and rows, change the colour of the notify bar and a lot more. You can personalise this app completely according to your choice.

yaabot whatsapp+ screen3 Introducing   WhatsApp Plus!


برنامج واتس أب بلس

برنامج غني عن التعريف يتيح لك ميزات اضافية  في برنامج الواتس أب

يتيح لك اخفاء حالة الظهور- لن يتمكن المتصلين من أن يروك متصلا اضافة لإخفاء اخر ظهور لك

نغمة تنبيه لتنبيهك ان جهة اتصال معينة أصبحة في وضع المتصل – لمستحدمي ويندوز فون فقط

مجموعة جديدة وواسعة من الرموز التعبيرية التي يمكنك استخدامها لتضفي المزيد من المتعة لمحادثاتك

تخصيص الوان برنامج الواتس اب كما تحب



Ziddu : http://adf.ly/jzapJ

-The End –







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